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Sewing machine is a very much needed project in rural Bangladesh as it empowers women to work and also maintain their role within their society. A sewing machine empowers a woman to earn, develop business skills on micro level and being able to develop independency. This is such a rewarding project that it spreads from woman to another and thus a continuous charity. G&Y provide sewing training and also distribute a machine to equip an individual to become a self-employed individual. This helps the family to develop and flourish by giving them an extra income.
A sewing machine is not only to sew cloths but has many other functions such as allowing someone to earn extra for the family, to also allow someone to be their own boss and also to develop self confidence along with independency. With your donation we can continue to allow women in rural Bangladesh to do all the above.

“I never fail to reward any worker among you for any work you do, be you male or female – you are equal to one another.” (Qur’an, 3: 195)

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Key Figures

118 Sewing Machine funded in 2023

1074 Family will be benifited

1074 Sewing Machine funded so far

200 Sewing Machine to fund in 2024

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Sewing Machine Project In Bangladesh

What would a poor woman in rural Bangladesh need to do to use her business acumen if she is living in a society which deprived her or was unable to educate herself, or that the opportunities were non-existent to acquire new skills, or that her husband only earns a meagre amount to support his family to survive on a day-to-day basis, children to support and a culture which traditionally discourages women from working outside her household?

At G&Y we have put in place a means of earning whilst doing all the mentioned without compromising the societal structures in place, and that is providing a sewing machine to help the women in rural Bangladesh who can earn a living for themselves and also to support the family. The sewing machine allows them to flourish in business and also maintain the cultural norms. In order to support poor families to have a steady income we have distributed over 1074 sewing machines since 2010. Our aims and objectives are to raise more funds so that we can support more families in rural Bangladesh who are in desperate needs and are able to use a sewing machine and will support them for years to come. We have also established a training centre for women to attend and acquire sewing skills and experience. We ensure that the women who attend the training complete it in full and become independent and thus pass their skills on to others. We encourage these trained women to help others to also become skilled in sewing and in this way it becomes is continuous charity.

Sewing Machine Project Moulvibazar

My kids and I were struggling to make ends meet because of Covid-19. I was working in people’s houses to make a living. During the lockdown we couldn’t work and so I had the chance to learn about tailoring.

Sewing Machine Project Moulvibazar

After receiving the training, the certificate, and a sewing machine from G&Y I am able to work independently and earn a steady income.


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