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One of the most popular modes of local transport is the ‘Rickshaw’, manually operated by the driver it carries passengers for short distances. The pullers and riders of this three wheeled vehicle are usually very poor and struggle to make ends meet if they don’t own the vehicle outright. In majority of the cases, the Rickshaw is owned by someone else and it is then rented to the rider. Once the rent is paid, then there is little left for the hard worker to support the family or to make a saving. Therefore, G&Y have taken this project on to ensure it is given to those who can work without any pressure from the owners and can bring some prosperity to their lives.
Rickshaws are very popular in Bangladesh and the income that is gained from this work is very minimal if the vehicle is not owned by the rider, as the rent would need to be paid, leaving very little for the rider and the family. G&Y have been distributing Rickshws to the neediest so that they can feel some progress in life for themselves and their families.

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Key Figures

85 Rickshaw distributed in 2023

So far we have distributed 470 Rickshaws

In 2024 we aim to distribute 100 Rickshaws

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Rickshaw Project In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is synonymous for two types of public transport, one is “baby taxi” and the other is a “Rickshaw”. However, Rickshaw is more well-known then that of the former. And this is the most used transport whether in the cities or villages. Therefore, it is the most environmentally friendly transport available. A rickshaw is a three-wheeled, manually peddled vehicle which does not require any fuel to run. Dhaka’s rickshaws carry more passengers daily than the famous London Underground. It is common for the rickshaw drivers to be renting the vehicle and after paying the rent they have very little to take home to support their families. They just about make ends meet as result. G&Y Rickshaw project is to help those men to have their own rickshaws. This will enable them to firstly, have their independency and also be able to use all their earnings on the needs of the family i.e. food, clothing, education of children.

G&Y to date have provided more than 470 Rickshaws to the poor and needy drivers around Bangladesh. The cost of a rickshaw is £250. Our hope is to support families towards a successful pathway by which they can move out of poverty. Our aim is to distribute 600 rickshaws to families in the slums of Bangladesh by 2025.

Rickshaw Project Moulvibazar

In order to support my family I was required to rent a Rickshaw, which was always a struggle as half of the earnings would be handed to the owner for the rental. G&Y has lightened my burden by giving me a Rickshaw, now I can keep all the earnings for me and my family.

Rickhsaw Project Moulvibazar

Handing over 50% of my daily wage to the owner of the Rickshaw was hard to accept but had little choice. Alhamdulillah, after receiving a Rickshaw and total ownership from G&Y, I can now keep all the earnings for me and my family.


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