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Healthcare in Bangladesh is non-existent for the poor; this is a privilege for the rich. The poor either suffer in silence or when kind hearted people help then they can receive medical help. Simple treatments are unaffordable for the poor and they simply suffer for years. G&Y have been supporting people with operations and treatments from the donations made by our donors. We intend to continue to support those who are unable to pay for their treatment and care. Our healthcare project supports the extremely vulnerable people with medical bills, treatment and medications.
Bangladesh does not have anything near the NHS, and thus people suffer in silence. Medical treatment is very expensive and thousands cannot even think to get treatment. G&Y have been helping people with their medical bills, treatment and medications. And we intend to continue with this project thanks to our generous donors.

“Whoever removes a worldly hardship from a believer, Allah will remove one of the hardships of the Day of Resurrection from him. (Narrated by Muslim, 2699)

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£4k Spent on Healthcare Project in 2023

£349k spent on so far in Healthcare Project

£20k plan to spend on Healthcare Project in 2024

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Healthcare Project In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is amongst those countries which are identified as one of those that have a severe lack of health workers. There are thousands of people in Bangladesh; rural areas in particular, are unable to afford the expenses of health care and medicines due to the imbalance in wealth distribution hence no support. As a result there are many vulnerable, elderly, children and infants are either suffering or will suffer from infections/diseases with no access to medical care and their only hope is for generous people to make donations. G&Y has been assisting poor families with healthcare support from the very beginning of G&Y, in particular in rural areas with treatment, operations, general treatment. Furthermore, G&Y have also helped people with Cataract operations and Blind people support. Additionally, we have also been supporting struggling families with their medical bills i.e. treatment or medications.

We have assisted 15 people with their individual operations and another 45 with general treatment along with medicines in 2016. We have also secured an ambulance which is on standby for any medical emergencies in the area, which is kept on the premises on one of our partner education institutions. The cost of an operation is around £3,000 on average and for general treatment is approximately £200. We have in place monthly healthcare support for the elderly and other groups in medical need. Our primary objective is to create a foundation for a medical camp in which there will be a stable and efficient lifeline for people who are in major need. We also hope to assist those who are in critical condition and require medicine and reach out to those who are in areas which are inaccessible.

Mumena Begum Moulvibazar

Mumena Begum (on the right) has been suffering from a tumour in her throat which has been affecting her day-to-day life every since. She was hospitalised and received treatment by the support of G&Y; she has recovered and is now able to do simple things like drinking and swallowing without having severe pain, which we take for granted. Mumena Begum and her family have extended their gratitude to those who came forward to assist and aid her with financial support and thousands of others who also benefitted like her.

Muktar Miah Moulvibazar

This is Mohammed Muktar Miah who comes from a village called Narain Sora (Hamidnagar, Sremangal, Moulvibazar). Whilst carrying out some work he fell from a tree and fractured his right leg. After being hospitalised and going through treatment, Muktar is on a road to recovery and is now able to walk with the help of crutches.


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