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Bangladesh being a developing country has millions of people living below the poverty line. Food is a big issue for individuals and families. Due to the unpredictable weather, thousands of people experience major loses of crops annually. Some families struggle to have good meals on a regular basis. G&Y have been working valiantly to distribute thousands of food packs to the neediest families across Bangladesh. A food pack handed out on your behalf by G&Y can help a family of 4 for an entire month. The cost of a Family Food Pack is only £30 which includes the essentials i.e. Rice, Onions, Cooking Oil, Lentils, Chick peas and Salt. Make a difference to those who are in need, we are blessed to be in the situation that we are and our small contribution can make a huge difference to their lives.
Poverty is a constant feature for the poor in Bangladesh and this impacts their intake of food, because it is difficult for thousands to earn a living to buy food, with your donation of £30 a family of 4 can have food for an entire month. G&Y have distributed to thousands thanks to the kind donations of our donors.

“Charity does not decrease wealth; No one forgives except that Allah increases his honor; And NO ONE HUMBLES HIMSLEF FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH EXCEPT THAT ALLAH RAISES HIS data-status” Sahih Muslim

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Key Figures

19,660 Foodpacks Distributed so far

Feed an average family of 4 for 30 days

2,413 food packs distributed in 2023

By 2025, 25000 Foodpacks to be distributed

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Family Food Pack Project In Bangladesh

There are over 109,600,000 people suffering from extreme poverty and hunger in Bangladesh leading to hundreds and thousands of deaths every day. A major concern in Bangladesh is hunger; and due to the tropical seasons, there are devastating storms, which destroys thousands of crop fields and farms. When you help, we are able to provide food packs that can take care of a family for an entire month. The food pack contains the essentials and provides comfort and satisfaction.

The cost of a family food pack is only £30 and provides a very poor family of 4 with a month of food supply. The pack contains the following: Rice, Onions, Cooking oil, Lentils, Dates, Chick peas, and Salt. In 2023 G&Y with the support of our donors; we have distributed over 2400 food packs in Ramadan. By the mercy of Allah SWT, we have so far distributed 19,660 food packs.

Family Foodpack Moulvibazar

Losing my job due to Covid-19 was hard but then to think of Ramadan approaching was a big worry; GYTF came to our rescue by the mercy of AllaH SWT and provided us with Ramadan Food Pack for my family and allowed us to fast in peace during the month of Ramadan.

Family Foodpack Moulvibazar

Being an elderly mother with two disabled kids at home, it is very difficult to put Iftari on the table, GYTF have been taking care of me for the past five years, and I can only pray for their success.


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